Rules & Regulations:



· QUITE HOURS: 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM 

· SITES: No gray water dumping on the ground. No Vehicle repairs on the site. Do not wash your car or RV in the parking lot. All vehicles must display a Fort420 parking pass in the window. Maximum of 4 people per site unless other wise specified. 

· TREES: Please do not climb, cut, or otherwise damage the trees. 

· ROADS: No ATV’s, UTV’s, 3 or 4 wheelers in the park or on the park trails. There are 100’s of miles of mountain trails and roads you can enjoy, be respectful of our wonderful mountain folk neighbors and remain on the roads.

· OFFICE/STORE: Food, drinks, souvenirs, camping equipment, ECT… available at the office and the Fort420 Smokehouse.

· PETS: All pets must be kept on a leash, always. Limit 3 pets per site. Pets MUST be picked up after (no tolerance rule). Pets are not to be tied to trees or staked out to the ground. Never leave you pet unattended in the park. If any pet shows aggressive behavior towards other pets or campers, you will be asked to remove your pet or leave the park. No excessive barking or noise! Camp K-9 is located near the restrooms for the comfort of our human guests.

· VISITORS: Must pay for a Fort420 Smokehouse membership to enter the park and must exit the park by 7:00 PM or check in at the office to be added to the site or for a reservation if one is available. All registered campers are responsible for there guests. If you have more than the proper number of guests without management permission, you may be asked to leave to park. Maximum of 4 unless otherwise approved by management.

· ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Are too be kept at your site always. No glass bottles, pipes or containers larger than the palm of your hand. Drunkenness will NOT BE TOLERATED and you WILL be asked to leave the park by the owners if you can’t control yourself. 

· FIREARMS / FIREWORKS: The Owners of Fort420 Campgrounds strictly prohibits these items from the campgrounds for the safety of all our campers. 

· CAMPFIRES: are not permitted outside of the designated fire rings at each campsite Do NOT move these rings. DO NOT burn our trees there Is wood for sale at the office for your campfire. DO NOT move or burn the benches.

· TRASH / LITTER: is to be placed in one of the trash receptacles placed around the campgrounds.

· BE COURTEOUS: to your neighbors. Please follow the designated walking paths and do not cross through other camper’s sites unless invited.

· All guests must be over 21 years of age! (Colorado State Law!)